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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 4 : Death of Spider-Man

Mark Bagley

Almost from the moment he became Spider-Man, Peter has been haunted by the memory of his beloved uncle Ben -- murdered by a common thief, a man the headstrong teen had refused to stop when he had the chance just a few days earlier. With uncle Ben's death, Peter learned dearly the valuable lesson that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. Now, can Peter summon the necessary power, and bear the weight of responsibility for one more battle?

As Spider-Man fights on with a seemingly mortal wound, the lives of his Aunt May and Girlfriend Mary Jane hang in the balance. Can Spidey succeed where he failed before? Will he have to give his life to earn redemption? Uncle Ben is dead. What will Peter do to keep Aunt May alive? Collecting Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) issues #156 to 160, written by Brian Michael Bendis pencilled by Mark Bagley cover by Joe Quesada.

Marvel, paperback, 128 pages, published April 2012


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