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Ultimate Comics Iron Man Ultimate Collection

Andy Kubert

Tony Stark seems to have the perfect life as a billionaire playboy, genius-level inventor and founding member of the world-class super-hero team the Ultimates. But Stark's life in the public spotlight is merely a small part of the picture. What is the untold story behind the man in the iron mask? How did Stark develop from a gifted child prodigy into one of the most powerful men on the planet?


In Ultimate Iron Man, legendary science-fiction writer Orson Scott Card (Ender's series, Alvin Maker) delves into Tony Stark's childhood history, exploring the makings of a hero from the very beginning. Collecting Ultimate Iron Man issues #1 to 5 and Ultimate Iron Man II #1 to 5, written by Orson Scott Card, pencilled by Andy Kubert and Pasqual Ferry, with a cover by Kubert.

Marvel, paperback, 264 pages, published February 2010


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