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Ultimate Comics Iron Man : Armor Wars

Warren Ellis
Steve Kurth

The Iron Man armour is Tony Stark’s greatest technological achievement. And it’s just fallen into the hands of the world’s criminal underground. Dashing, handsome and wealthy beyond measure, Tony was once the envy of every man on Earth. But in the wake of Ultimatum, times have changed. The Ultimates have disbanded, the world is in ruins and Stark’s money has finally found its limits. Worst of all, he’s lost the one thing that made him truly unique: Iron Man.

When the once impenetrable Stark Tower is ransacked by a mercenary known as the Ghost using modified Stark technology, Tony knows his armour’s specs will hit the black market instantly. And the only way to make sure that criminals don’t use his creation for evil is to hunt them down himself. Now, the world’s greatest hero, Iron Man, must face his deadliest foe: himself!

Collecting Ultimate Comics Armor Wars issues #1 to 4, written by Warren Ellis, pencilled by Steve Kurth and with cover artwork by Brandon Peterson.

Marvel, paperback, 112 pages, published September 2010


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