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Ultimate Comics Doomsday

Rafa Sandoval

The wounds left by Ultimatum have not yet closed, but still the world marches on. The ghosts of that horrible day will not rest, but the battered and bruised heroes try desperately to find something to believe in — a cause to rally around and fight for. In the wake of such suffering, it’s impossible to remain unchanged. Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and others struggle to make sense of it all under the weight of challenges both physical and emotional.

What has happened to them? When each sees what the others are capable of, will it tear them apart? Collecting Ultimate Comics Enemy issues #1-4, Ultimate Comics Mystery #1-4 and Ultimate Comics Doom #1-4, written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencilled by Rafa Sandoval and with cover artwork by Ed McGuinness.

Marvel, paperback, 304 pages, published November 2011


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