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Ultimate Comics : Divided We Fall, United We Stand Hardcover

Brian Wood
Carlo Barberi

A crisis in the United States forces the Ultimates into action - and Cap, Iron Man and Thor finally reunite! Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde makes her stand - and as the X-Men fight for their lives in the Sentinel-controlled states, the war for mutant liberation begins! And with the nation under siege, Miles Morales - the new Spider-Man - decides to become a member of the Ultimates. And he will do absolutely anything it takes to earn that right.

The Ultimate event of the year is here! Collecting Ultimate Comics X-Men issues #13-18, Ultimate Comics Ultimates #13-18 and  Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #13-18, written by Brian Wood, Sam Humphries and Brian Michael Bendis, pencilled by Carlo Barberi, Paco Medina, Billy Tan, Luke Ross, David Marquez and Gabriel Walta, featuring cover artwork by Michael Komarck.

Marvel, hardback, 408 pages, published January 2013



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