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Ultimate Comics Divided We Fall, United We Stand


Washington lies in ruins. The president is dead. Sentinels rule the Southwest. The union is crumbling. But in America’s darkest hour, its ultimate hero returns to lead its people back toward the light! Captain America answers his ravaged country’s call to become its new president! But while Steve Rogers battles to reunite a divided America, another leader embraces her destiny to defeat the Sentinels and save her own kind: Kitty Pryde! And with the nation crying out for heroes, Miles Morales — the fledgling Spider-Man— is determined to prove he has what it takes to join the Ultimates!

Revolutionary writers Brian Michael Bendis, Sam Humphries and Brian Wood change the world as only Ultimate Comics can! Collecting Ultimate Comics X-Men issues #13 to 18, Ultimate Comics Ultimates #13 to 18 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #13 to 18, written by Brian Wood, Sam Humphries and Brian Michael Bendis, pencilled by Reilly Brown, Paco Medina, Carlo Barberi, Billy Tan, Luke Ross, David Marquez and Pepe Larraz, with cover artwork by Michael Komarck.

Marvel, paperback, 408 pages, published September 2013


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