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The Trojan War

Roy Thomas

The judgment of Paris, when three vain goddesses vied for a golden prize - and the result would one day be the destruction of Troy! The kidnapping - or elopement - of Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships! Achilles – Hector – Ajax – Odysseus – Aeneas - Penthesileia the Amazon Queen - Memnon of Ethiopia - the greatest warriors of an Age of Heroes!

The ten-year siege of Ilium - the wooden horse that ended it all - and the Greeks’ perilous, often fatal voyages homeward! The most magnificent post-Homeric accounts have been combined and adapted by award-winning writer Roy Thomas and Iliad artist Miguel Angel Sepulveda to tell, for the first time ever in graphic novel form, the full gory and glorious story of The Trojan War. Collecting The Trojan War #1 to 5, written by Roy Thomas, pencilled by Miguel Sepulveda and with a cover by Dennis Calero.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published May 2010


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