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Trigun Maximum Volume 4 - Bottom of the Dark

 Vash the Stampede is back for more intense action, and it looks like it's only going to get harder as the saga continues! As before, we'll see some vicious battles with new foes from the Gung Ho Guns, tough and strange fighters with one mission, to kill the nice guy with the God Gun integrated into his body. Vash and Wolfwood go up against Hoppered the Gauntlet, with his strange hockey mask and shield body; and Midvalley the Hornfreak whose saxophone will blow your mind!

And what's worse is these two killers won't take no for an answer. On top of that they've got Zazie the Beast with his weird animal ways waiting in the wings, and Legato looking on as always. It's a freak-fest battle in the city, and it's going to be tough on our hero and his conflicted protector. Trigun Maximum is presented in its authentic Japanese format, with goofy inside covers, un-retouched and un-flopped art, and design that reflects the original.

Dark Horse, paperback, 192 pages, published February 2005


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