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Tribeca Sunset

Henrik Rehr
Henrik Rehr
 When the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11th, what had started as a normal day for Henrik Rehr turned into a day of fear and desperation. In Tuesday, the first part of this graphic novel, Rehr documents his family's struggle to make it through one of the worst days in the history of the American nation.

Separated from his wife and older son by the confusion and fear that wracked the city, Henrik, with his youngest toddler-son, began the excruciating task of ensuring the safety of his loved ones, while dealing with the evacuation process. As he and his neighbours cope with the extraordinary events unfolding around them, new friendships are made, and old bonds strengthened.

Ibooks, paperback, 128 pages, published September 2005

If you are interested in this title you may also wish to have a look at Art 'Maus' Spiegelman's
In the Shadow of No Towers which deals with his reaction to that day and his frantic rush to his daughter's school close by the World Trade Center.


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