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Keith Giffen
Keith Giffen

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... No. Wait. That's Star Wars. This is Trencher. The repo guy from beyond. Ring any bells? No? Then maybe you should consider buying this because God forbid you ever land on Jeopardy and Trencher comes up as a final Jeopardy answer and you passed on the Trencher collection because they were reprinting that X-Men thing where they kill Wolverine... again... and you wind up looking like a dork on live TV and...


…The Boom Studios editors  interrupt Mr. Giffen's broken rambling to explain that this trade collects Keith Giffen's memorable run on Trencher  issues #1 to 4 from Image Comics. It's 100% pure bastich, baby! From the creator of Lobo, in case you didn’t get that reference, fan boy!


Boom Studios, paperback, 104 pages, published October 2005

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