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Treasury of 20th Century Murder : the Lindbergh Child

Rick Geary
Rick Geary

Geary’s Treasury of Victorian Murder moves onto the XXth century with one of the most sensationalistic cases ever!

All was well for Charles Lindbergh, after his daring solo crossing of the Atlantic. Fame and fortune came quickly as well as marriage into wealthy family. But soon after they build themselves their dream home far from the madding crowd, tragedy strikes: their baby is abducted! Geary retraces all the different highly publicized events, blackmail notes, false and otherwise, as well as the string of colourful characters wanting to ‘help,’ some of which actually successfully snookered the beleaguered hero.A fascinating story, of course without a fully satisfactory conclusion, replete with savory details and unsavory people as only Geary can masterfully relate with his understated dark humor. An ICv2 Pick Hit to Click.


"As for the differences between XXth Century Murder and Victorian Murder, they mainly have to do with the rise of the mass media, and the way impossible mysteries become all the more frustrating when so many people are following the story. Geary's Victorian series was all about the creepy America that was; this new series looks like it'll be about the creepy America that is… A-" -The Onion

"Showing his customary droll mastery of the short, telling stroke and laconically precise sentence, Geary portends that he'll render the rest of the twentieth century's most celebrated enormities as handsomely as he did the nineteenth's." Booklist

"Rick Geary's version is gripping and grisly precisely because it does away with extracurricular characterization and overt violence, bringing the historical tragedy's full effect into finer focus. The same can be said of his earlier works, especially The Bloody Benders and The Murder of Abraham Lincoln." Scott Thill,


NBM, paperback, 80 pages, published December 2008



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