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Toy Story Digest

Tea Orsi
Amy Mebbersion

New adventures featuring Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest!

• Andy’s new puppy, Buster, loves to play with the toys — but if the gang can’t control the playful pooch, all that chewing and shaking will damage them for sure!

• Woody rounds up the gang to share scary stories around the campfire!

• Woody, Buzz, Rex and Slink explore new territory when they’re mistakenly put in the attic for storage! An unexpected new friend could be their only hope for getting back to Andy’s room!

• Woody, Buzz and Jessie join Andy at summer camp! But when Andy leaves them alone, they accidentally lose his special campsite map! The toys attempt a daring rescue mission, but can they retrieve the map in one piece before Andy gets back?

Collecting Toy Story #1-4, written by Tea Orsi, pencilled by Antonello Dalena, Terea Quezada-Geer, Lucio Leoni, Amy Mebberson, Federica Salfo, Paco Desiato, Ettore Gula, Andrea Rossetto & others, with cover artwork by Marco Ghiglione.

Marvel, paperback, 96 pages, published October 2012


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