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Tiny Tyrant

Lewis Trondheim
Fabrice Parme

Welcome to Portocristo; its clear skies, sandy beaches, bustling streets—and its spoiled rotten, six-year-old king. The little despot is grouchy, whiny, and demanding—everything you'd hate to find in a boy on a throne. But here in Portocristo, anything he says goes, no matter how bizarre or harebrained. Prepare for zaniness as young King Ethelbert transports himself back in time to meet a dinosaur, swaps his country's kids for Ethelbert robots, tests his bodyguard's mettle by putting a price on his own head, and shrinks the world down to his size.


Trondheim's wacky, inventive writing, coupled with Fabrice Parme's artwork, evoke the classic, madcap styles of Mr. Magoo and the Pink Panther and make each of these twelve stories as memorable as an accidental jaunt through the Cretaceous period.


First Second, paperback, 128 pages, published May 2007


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