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Thunder and Lightning Hardcover

Lauren Redniss
Lauren Redniss
A howling wind, a thunderstorm, the beating sun — it's with the elements that nature shows its true force and wonder. Lauren Redniss has travelled from the frozen archipelagos of the Arctic Ocean to the 'absolute desert' of Atacoma, Chile, to show us the elements at their most extreme. 
Along the way, through interviews and research, she has unearthed curious stories of exploration, savagery and coincidence — stories which show us how weather has shaped humanity, intervened in the course of history, and how mankind, in turn, has tried to bend the weather to its ends. 
A book of exquisite beauty, with each illustration etched and coloured by hand, Thunder and Lightning informs, charms and transports. A combination of art and cultural history, from an uncategorisable and unique creative spirit, it will leave readers looking at the wind, the sun and the rain with new eyes.
Jonathan Cape, hardback, 272 pages, published February 2016 



Jonathan Cape


Thunder and Lightning

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