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Thor : Heaven & Earth Hardcover

Paul Jenkins
Ariel Olivetti

In the days before the terrible events of Ragnarok, the Gods of Asgard stare across the ramparts of their city toward a massive, demonic army at the gates. The prophesied End of All Days is about to begin. As the armies of darkness begin their initial attacks, Thor confronts Loki, who is destined to usher in the fall of Asgard. But what Thor learns from Loki may change the way he sees his treacherous half-brother.

For perhaps this terrible event is a time also of renewal. Perhaps in this desperate hour, even the God of Lies has a purpose. Collecting Thor: Heaven & Earth issues #1 to 4, written by Paul Jenkins, pencilled by Ariel Olivetti, Mark Texeira, Pascal Alixe and Lan Medina, with cover artwork by Ariel Olivetti.

Marvel, hardback, 112 pages, published November 2011


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