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Thor By Walter Simonson Volume 1

Walt Simonson
Walt Simonson

Few people have ever left their mark on one character quite the way Walter Simonson has. His work on the Mighty Thor swept the Norse God of Thunder to heights never before seen and rarely achieved in his wake. Spanning epic tales of heroism and treachery, love and war, Simonson’s work is often considered the definitive Thor.

From the majesty and mystery of fabled Asgard to the gritty streets of New York City, Thor was never the same. That is the mark of a true visionary. This first volume begins the collection of Simonson’s epic run — completely re-mastered from the original artwork and newly coloured by Steve Oliffe! Collecting Thor issues #337-345, written, pencilled and with cover artwork by Walter Simonson.

Marvel, paperback, 232 pages, published August 2013


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