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Thor : Balder the Brave Premiere Hardcover Cover A

Walt Simonson
Sal Buscema

War in Hel! Odin the All-Father is gone, and death goddess Hela is stockpiling souls for the fight to take his place! The mighty Thor leads Asgard's finest to rescue the dead from a fate worse than death, while Thor's brother-in-arms Balder battles giants to rescue his beloved Queen Karnilla! The God of Thunder and the God of Light - which one will lead Asgard into the face of coming dooms?


Plus: a longtime Marvel villain makes the ultimate sacrifice, but for whom? Collecting Balder the Brave issues #1 to 4 and Thor #360 to 362, written by Walter Simonson, pencilled by Sal Buscema and Simonson; features cover artwork by Simonson.

Marvel, hardback, 176 pages, published September 2009

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