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Things to do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park

Aneurin Wright
Aneurin Wright

Nye’s father has been certified for hospice care, but Nye would rather move into his father’s trailer and take care of him himself. In this masterful, graphic portrayal of a father and son dealing with home care, Wright’s mastery allows the reader to witness the deepest emotions on many levels, where what is said is only half the story as a young man comes to terms with his dying father in the final months of his life.

The graphic vocabulary, in a palette of blue, red and black, is carefully planned and flights of visual fancy express genuine emotion rooted in reality. In the book the protagonist is a minotaur and his father is a rhinoceros, in the superbly-drawn world of a trailer park where social workers are sea turtles and mobile homes move atop elephants. This is a universal tale of love and loss told in a wholly original way.

Myriad Editions, paperback, 320 pages, published January 2012



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