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The Rime of the Modern Mariner Hardcover

Nick Hayes
Nick Hayes

Deep in a polluted city, an office worker escapes his office for a sandwich on a park bench. But his moment’s peace is shattered by a stranger – a seaman with a tale to tell… The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a recasting of Coleridge’s famous poem – now though, the fantastical voyage is one of environmental disaster.

Stranded in the North Pacific Gyre – a vast, hypoxic maelstrom of plastic waste – the mariner comes face to face with the consequences of man’s excessive consumption – in the form of wrathful gods, petroleum slicks and tsunamis, ghostly apparitions, and the great endangered creatures of the deep. Crackling with moral force, humour and pure craftsmanship, The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a beautiful book which directly confronts the burning issues of our time.

Jonathan Cape, hardback, 336 pages, published April 2011


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