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The Least Among Us

Ascendant Press
Ascendant Press

An animal rights activist extols his cause before the Christian tradition.

At a time when human suffering has never appeared more widespread.

And when paramount considerations have themselves been widely trampled; to further ill-advised, shabby or senseless motives.

Amidst a Faith still shaken through global turmoil; hope and cynicism meet, to inspire and inform the soul.

Scripted by ex-victim of clergy sex-abuse Martin O'Shea - The Least Among Us explores the complexity of the 'paedophile priest' phenomenom and examines the response of the Church towards varying forms of victimhood. Created by Martin O'Shea and Tony Wright. A difficult subject matter for both reader and author, but well worth reading, showing a balanced approach to an emotional subject.


Ascendant Press, paperback

The Least Among us has been favourably reviewed on a Christian site here; you can read a full review from me on the FPI blog here.



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