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The Kumars’ Guide to Success Hardback

At last fans of cult BBC2 TV show The Kumars at No 42 have something to grab from their fave show. Part-sitcom, part unscripted, improve comedy and part genuine interview, the show sees celebrities (including Richard E. Grant, Stephen Fry and Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart) brought in to the TV studio built into the back of this Indian family’s suburban home to indulge their spoilt, unmarried and still-living-at-home son Sanjeev (top comic Sanjeev Bhaskar of Goodness Gracious Me fame).


This book will share the Kumar’s accumulated ‘wisdom’ from Sanjeev (how to introduce your girlfriend to your parents), food and cooking (mother Madhuri), financial tips (father Ashwin) and how to grow old disgracefully and have a good 80th birthday party (Ummi – granny – Sushila). Family secrets of life revealed in true Kumars fashion to enhance all of our own life experiences (warning, not a guarantee of a better life, but it will give you a laugh, which is always a good start).


Orion, hardback, 144 pages, published October 2006


Author: Sanjeev Bhaskar



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