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The Fourth Power Hardcover

Juan Gimenez
Juan Gimenez

Mega, a fighter pilot based on Nebula Alpha, is the only one to escape with her life after an attack by an enemy patrol. Nebula Alapha is the main theatre of a conflict that opposes the Krommiuns to the Planetary United States. So begins Mega's perilous journey across enemy lines. Along the way, she saves a member of a flight crew that had come to rescue her before being shot down. The young man, a doctor, reveals to Mega that she has become of utmost importance to their leaders in connection to the creation of a new weapon of incredible power. They need her for her exceptional mental abilities and will stop at nothing to get her back. A spectacular and riveting space opera by the illustrator of the Metabarons series.


Humanoids, hardback, 64 pages, published July 2000


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