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Temperance Hardcover

Cathy Malkasian
Cathy Malkasian

Do ideas of war and enemies hold a people together? Is a culture of conflict too seductive not to be irresistible? These are the questions 2008 Eisner Award Winner Cathy Malkasian explores in her second graphic novel, Temperance, a fully realized, multi-layered world, inhabited by vividly realized characters and master craftsmanship.


After a brutal injury in battle, Lester has no memory of his prior life. For the next thirty years his wife does everything to keep him from remembering — and re-constructing — a society, Blessedbowl, that elevates him as a hero. Blessedbowl is a cultural convergence of lies, memories, stories, and beliefs. Its people thrive on ideas of persecution, exceptionality, and enemies, convinced that war lurks just outside their walls.


Malkasian creates a densely textured social context, masterfully conveying the idiosyncratic physical domain with its spiraling structures and quasi-medieval architecture along with intimate yet plastic portraits of her characters in a rich, tonal pencil line. Temperance is a galvanizing work of empathy and violence by one of today’s the most thoughtful and accomplished cartoonists. Be there!


Fantagraphics, hardback, 240 pages, published February 2010


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