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Ted McKeever Library Book Two : Eddy Current Hardcover

Ted McKeever
Ted McKeever

Eddy Current is insane. At least that's what the world deems him to be. The very same world he intends to save. A window of opportunity opens, literally, allowing our hero to escape the asylum he calls home. Bed-check isn't until 6 am, giving him 12 hours of freedom to accomplish his hero-given quest.

Joined by a massive wall-of-a-woman called Nun, Eddy will live an adventure…filled with the depths of humanities darkest crevices, as well as the heights and power of friendship and redemption. This volume features all 12 issues, plus unused art, and a slew of extras. Collected under one cover for the first time!

Shadowline/Image, hardback, 358 pages, published December 2008



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