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Taynikma Book 4 : the Lost Catacombs

Jan Kjaer
Merlin P. Mann

This title is suitable for people of ages 7 years & over. "Taynikma" books are a huge success in Scandinavia, with over 250,000 copies sold. Awarded the national Orla award for best childrens' graphic book as voted by Danish children in 2007. "Taynikma" pioneers a dynamic new combination of words and pictures. By mixing traditional prose with cartoon-inspired comic book sequences, the story unfolds to present both compelling plotlines and exciting action.


Text and artwork are designed to work together without redundancies. Pictures help the reader by setting a scene or explaining the action, while text takes us through the story and into the characters' thoughts. It is one thing to teach a child to read - it's another to teach a child to enjoy reading.With its powerful visuals, "Taynikma" is created to appeal instantly to boys and girls from around the age of seven (the possibly reluctant reader), while promoting the joy of reading.


The illustrations work to capture readers' imagination while the main storyline is carried in the text. The "Taynikma" series consists of ten books. This epic story of action and intrigue follows four young champions in their battle against the powerful Empress of Light. Set in a medieval-like world of weird creatures, magic and mystical clans living underground we experience the fantastic power of a classical fantasy universe.


In Book 4, Crystal is gloomy to be the first apprentice at River clans, but he must seek help if he is to cope with its worst rival. It soon appears that it even more dangerous challenges await in the Forgotten Catacombs.


Young World Digital, paperback, 64 pages, published June 2009


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