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Tate to Tate : a Walk Along London's South Bank

Tommy Penton
Tommy Penton

"Tate to Tate" is a book like no other you have ever seen. Concertina-bound, it shows a group of people walking east along the South Bank. Brightly coloured, brilliantly drawn by artist Tommy Penton, they are a diverse group, of all races and ages, and as you follow their progress from spread to spread you start to notice cunning details and the beginning of a story...

Behind them, in the foreground, are Lambeth, Hungerford, Blackfriars and Southwark Bridges, and the London Eye - and across the Thames a magnificent panorama of the buildings on the North Bank: Tate Britain, the Palace of Westminster, the Savoy Hotel, Somerset House. Then, arriving at Tate Modern, and the climaxes of the stories you have been following, you see that another group of characters is walking west, each with another story to follow...

A game as absorbing as "Where's Wally", a delightful, totally original guidebook, a stunning graphic book, "Tate to Tate" will appeal to Londoners of all ages, to tourists, to anyone who wants an exceptional graphic book at a remarkably reasonable price.

Jonathan Cape, paperback, 192 pages, published June 2008


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