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Tank Girl : the Gifting

In these days of ultra-serious mega-crossovers, comics gets exactly what it’s been needing — a jolt of adrenaline courtesy of the too-long-absent Tank Girl! Co-creator Alan C. Martin is back to offer redemption to anyone who sat through the Tank Girl movie, and what’s more, this time the book’s art chores will be handled by artist/painter Ashley Wood! Get ready for a fun and unconventional ride through the Tank Girl universe. I’ve got to say I was wary of this revival but I ended up really enjoying it – Alan still has a great take on TG and Ashley Wood’s art works brilliantly for her world; the first issue of the series was reviwed on the FPI blog.

IDW, paperback, 104 pages, published November 2007

Please not due to international copyright you may be supplied with the Titan UK edition


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