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Superman : the Black Ring Hardcover

Paul Cornell
Pete Woods

When Lex Luthor finally regained control of LexCorp, he thought he had everything he wanted. But in Blackest Night, he briefly became an Orange Lantern and got a taste of true power. Now he’ll do anything to get that power back. Buckle in for a greatest hits tour of the DCU’s most wanted – including an appearance by The Sandman’s big sister, Death! – as Lex Luthor begins an epic quest for power in stories from Action Comics issues #890 to 895, brought to you by writer Paul Cornell (Doctor. Who, Captain Britain and MI-13)!

Written by Paul Cornell, with art by Pete Woods and Sean Chen’ features cover artwork by David Finch and Joe Weems.

DC, hardback, 160 pages, published March 2011



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