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Supercrash : How to Hijack the Global Economy

Acclaimed graphic journalist Darryl Cunningham takes us to the heart of free-world politics in this bold analysis of how the right-wing have dominated our economic world. Cunningham unpicks the origins of the 2008 crash, and exposes the philosophy of selfishness that allowed it to happen, drawing a fascinating portrait of the charismatic novelist Ayn Rand. He demonstrates the huge influence she had, not just on the American political right, but on one of the key players in the events leading to the crisis, former Chair of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan.
Myriad Creative Director Corinne Pearlman says: ‘Darryl is a master at humanising the great issues of our times. In Supercrash he focuses on the individuals who promoted selfishness – and self-interest – with catastrophic results on the wellbeing of the poor.’ With his trademark accessible style, Cunningham demonstrates how the scapegoating of the poor contributed to the rise of the Tea Party in the US and UKIP in the UK. He also examines the neurological basis of political thinking, and asks why it is so difficult for us to change direction – even when faced with powerful evidence that policy is not working.
Remarkable, informed, accurate and incisive... At last there is a single, readable, beautiful book that explains to the generation that came of age after 2008 what happened, why it happened, and why it will happen again unless we change the way we think.’ – Danny Dorling
Sorting facts from fiction and presenting complex information in a highly accessible way.’ – Observer
Cunningham delivers his message with style, great art, even moments of outright comedy.’ – Forbidden Planet
It takes other authors whole books to say what Darryl can say in a single sentence.’ – Jon Ronson
Myriad Editions, paperback, 240 pages, published October 2014



160 x 230mm

Myriad Editions


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