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Suicide Risk Volume 1

Mike Carey

WHY WE LOVE IT: Mike Carey is one of our favourite writers working in comics today with a track record of sophisticated, character-driven series like The Unwritten and Lucifer. We’re honoured he’s chosen to write his first independent original ongoing series at BOOM!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Fans of smart, deconstructed superhero stories like Irredeemable and Deathmatch will get a deeply human look at the effect of super powers on real people’s lives.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Super-powered people are inexplicably rising from the streets and there's a big problem: Too many supervillains, not enough superheroes. Heroes are dying, and cops are dying twofold. Humanity is under-powered and good people are suffering untold tragedies trying to stem the flow. Beat cop Leo Winters is one of those struggling to make a difference. And the answer just might come in the form of two lowlifes with a dark secret.

Written by Mike Carey, with artwork by Elena Casagrande and cover artwork from Tommy Lee Edwards.

Boom, paperback, 112 pages, published October 2013



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