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Stuff of Life : Graphic Guide to Genetics & DNA

Mark Schultz
Zander Cannon

From adenines to zygotes, from cytokinesis to parthenogenesis, even the basics of genetics can sound utterly alien. Consequently, who better than an alien to explain it all? Enter Bloort 183, an asexual scientist of a dying planet charged with researching the fundamentals of human DNA and evolution and boiling it all down into clear, simple language so that even his slow-to-grasp-the-point leader can get it.


In the hands of multiple-award-winning graphic novel author Mark Schultz, Bloort’s predicament becomes the means of giving even the most science-phobic reader a complete introduction to the history and science of genetics. In conjunction with award-winning comic artists Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon, the complex subject is made clear and even the most alien concept behind the genetic basis of human evolution is rendered understandable.


Complete with a glossary and suggested reading, The Stuff of Life is the high-school-level introduction to the most basic facts of genetics, evolution, and life as we know it for anyone and everyone. Written by Mark Schultz, with artwork from Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon.


Hill & Wang, paperback, 160 pages, published April 2009


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