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Stray Bullets Volume 6 : Killers

David Lapham
David Lapham
A little boy learns too late that running your mouth can get you run over. A young babysitter gets in way over her head when she's hired to sit by a dangerous man with a strange request. A young couple's hopeful visit to the city turns anything but when they step into the middle of a mob turf war and watch more than just friends die. And a young man just trying to help his hustler cousin out of a bad spot instead becomes the ultimate killer. 
These are only some of the eight stories comprising "Killers," the newest arc in the ongoing world of Stray Bullets. Each story stands on its own but collectively they tell the twisted story of two teen – Virginia and Eli - both scarred by tragic childhood intersections with the Baltimore underworld, drawn together in the sleepy seaside town of Sandcastle, unable to escape their dark pasts... Collects David Lapham’s acclaimed Stray Bullets: Killers #1 to 8
El Capitan/Image, paperback, 248 pages, published January 2014 




Stray Bullets


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