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Storm Premiere HC

David Yardin

The epic, untold love story between Marvel's two pre-eminent black super heroes - Storm and the Black Panther - is finally told, as only New York Times best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey can do it. An orphaned street urchin, living by her wits on the unforgiving plains of Africa as she struggles to harness her slowly developing mutant powers; a warrior Prince, embarking on his rite of passage as he ponders the great responsibility in his future. And a crew of ruthless mercenaries who'll stop at nothing to capture an elusive creature of legend: the fabled wind-rider. What sparks occur when their paths intersect?


Don't miss out on this prelude to the wedding of Storm and the Black Panther (one of the major event sin comics over the summer of 2006 – she looked so lovely in her dress as well… See Black Panther: the Bride); collecting Storm #1 - 6. Written by Eric Jerome Dickey; pencilled by David Yardin and Lan Medina, with a cover by Mike Mayhew.


Marvel, hardback, 160 pages, published January 2007


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