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Stitches Hardcover

 Indifference is another form of child abuse, and sometimes the cold sting of neglect is as painful as being struck. David Small’s autobiographical rendition of his experiences in a loveless childhood rings painfully true. His youth was a quiet maelstrom of confusion, guilt, and tragedy that culminated in horrifying surgery. What was thought to have been a harmless cist in Small’s neck was ignored by his parents for years, and we only learn later that he had throat cancer; the removal of which left him horribly scarred, but also took from him the full use of his vocal chords. The hurtful silence of his family life coupled with his own (arguably avoidable) muteness causes the young man to desperately attempt find a voice in his art — trading guilt for anger and eventually trying to make a life on his own at the age of sixteen.

In spite of it all, Small attempts to understand his parents, and through therapy and creativity he transitions from accusations to acceptance and thusly from boyhood to manhood. At times painfully cruel and oppressive, still there are glimmers of hope throughout and our pathos is rewarded with the promise of a triumphant life. This book will certainly garner acclaim from many more voices than mine in the years to come.

Norton 320 Pages




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