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Stir Fried Product #1

A New Dope - a parody.


The Kawakiri - A Futuristic story in which Krogshoj, (pronounced krohg-shaw) who's name is never mentioned in the story, must escape from a military installation after a night drinking.

The Phantom Syndrome - Sixteen pages of UTTER NONSENSE featuring a Shinobi (or a man going through a mid life crisis who dresses up as one), an aspiring comic creator, who complains about Tendonitis (not me - honest), a long lost IDENTICAL twin sister (they're both on the cover) & a mysterious ghost that appears to be haunting a newly constructed garden shed.


Illustrated by Mathew J. Pallett; written by Mathew J. Pallett and Iain Grant; you can check out more info and read previews on the Stir Fried site.


Stir Fried Product, 32 pages, black and white


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