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Steampunk Modeller II

From the creators of the very popular Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller journals comes a very special edition:

What if a working Star Trek Tricorder had been built in the nineteenth century?

What if a vast, segmented automaton known as the "Fleet Ditch Worm" had terrorised England's underground system?

What if Doctor Who's K-9 companion had a Victorian ancestor?

Steampunk Modeller Volume II transports readers to a parallel, retro-future world where all this and more is not only possible, but has happened, offering genre modellers a wild, wacky, wonderful landscape of what-if scratchbuilds and projects!

Presented in a prestigious, all colour, softcover, perfect bound format, Steampunk Modeller Volume II offers one hundred and twenty-eight richly illustrated, deeply original pages.

In short, Steampunk Modeller II is set to fire up the imagination of genre modellers everywhere!


  expected June 2012


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