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Star Trek The Next Generation : Through the Mirror

Chris Johnson

The Mirror Universe Next Generation crew is looking for new worlds to conquer, and they're crossing over to the Prime Star Trek Universe to find them! When the Enterprise-D discovers a burned-out, pillaged Andorian vessel, the search for the culprits behind it leads to some startlingly familiar faces.

But, how did the Mirror Universe crew find their way to ours, and what does Emperor Spock have to do with it? Plus, it's interstellar espionage aboard the Enterprise-D when the Mirror Universe crew infiltrates Captain Picard's ship! Written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton, with art by Chris Johnson & Various, and cover artwork by J. K. Woodward

"An absolute blast for Star Trek fans."

IDW Publishing, paperback, 128 pages, published October 2018



Science Fiction

IDW Publishing


Star Trek


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