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Star Wars - Revell Model Kit - TIE Fighter

The agile Twin Ion Engine Fighter used by the imperial troops is one of the mostused space fighters of the Empire and was built in immense numbers. Like all other TIE constructions this model also originates from the firm Sienar Fleet Systems. Thanks to its twin engines it reaches a high final speed and achieves remarkable manoeuvrability, so that it is a match for almost any enemy fighter. To save weight deflector shields and life support systems have been omitted, which obliges the pilots to wear a fully sealed suit with integral air supply. However the TIE fighter is still used in large quantities, which compensates forthe lack of protection for pilot and machine and ultimately constitutes its combat effectiveness. The construction of the TIE fighter is relatively simple: the standardized cockpit is linked via outriggers to hexagonal solar array wings, which supply the fighter with energy and eliminate the need for a tank. Thanks to the transparent cockpit surfaces the TIE offers better panoramic visibility than other fighters and the standardized cockpit enables a rapid replacement and interchange of pilots. The TIE is armed with fixed-mount twin laser cannons and has a titanium hull.


Catalogue Number : B1369
EAN :  
Genre : Movies
Size : 156 mm
Manufacturer : Revell
Material : Plastic
Packaging : Boxed
Series : Star Wars
Supplier Code : 06686
Type : Model Kit



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