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Star Wars Legends Epic Collection : New Republic Volume 3

Jan Strnad
Gary Erksine
Wedge Antilles leads the Rogue Squadron into action and adventure! It begins with what should be a straightforward mission — but will a simple search and rescue end with a requiem for a Rogue? Then, meet the Empire’s answer to Wedge and his elite band of X-wing pilots: Baron Fel, Imperial flying ace! And his wingmen are more than a match for anyone! Will Fel be Rogue Squadron’s downfall — or could he be much more? 
Our heroes will face pirates, the vindictive Iceheart and an Imperial Star Destroyer! But their deadliest mission of all awaits: If the New Republic is to take hold of Imperial Center and turn the tide of war, Rogue Squadron must rescue former would-be Emperor Sate Pestage — the only trouble is, he’s wanted by the Empire for high treason! Collecting Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron issues #17 to 35, written by Michael A. Stackpole and Jan Strnad, with art by Gary Erskine & Various, and with cover artwork by Kevin Ryan.
Marvel, paperback, 472 pages, published December 2017 


Science Fiction



Star Wars


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