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Star Wars Legends Epic Collection : Clone Wars Volume 2

Haden Blackman
Brian Ching
The Clone Wars rage on! And the fighting is fierce as General Kenobi and his first lieutenant, Anakin Skywalker, brace for the Battle of Jabiim! Facing attacks from both the Republic and the locals, can Anakin and his “Padawan Pack” hold the rain-soaked planet — or will they face a washout? Then, Skywalker finds himself behind enemy lines alongside a Tusken Raider turned Jedi! But where is Obi-Wan? Perhaps Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress has the answer! 
Meanwhile, Senator Bail Organa is plagued by pirates and Quinlan Vos goes undercover within Count Dooku’s inner circle. All that, plus Mace Windu unleashed! But you just can’t keep a bad Sith down — Darth Maul still lives! Will that last — or will he receive a death sentence? Collecting Star Wars: Republic #55-67, Star Wars: Darth Maul — Death Sentence #1-4 and material from Star Wars Tales #22, written by Haden Blackman & Various, with art by Brian Ching & Various, and cover artwork by Brian Ching
Marvel, paperback, 424 pages, published March 2018 



Science Fiction



Star Wars


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