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Star Wars : the Clone Wars - Strange Allies

Ryder Windham
Ben Dewey

With so many Jedi Generals occupied with the Clone Wars, assignments that would usually go to Knights or Masters are falling to Jedi in training—in this case, masterless Padawan Nuru Kungurama. Accompanied by his squad of clone troopers and a hulking swoop biker named Gizz, Nuru’s job begins as a routine protection detail but soon evolves to include a mystery massacre, the hijacking of a space freighter, and the kidnapping of a group of orphaned younglings! Ryder Windham’s Breakout Squad from the prose series The Clone Wars: Secret Missions come to comics! Written by Ryder Windham, with art by Ben Dewey, colours by Mae Hao and with cover artwork by Stéphane Roux.

Dark Horse, paperback, 80 pages, published November 2011


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