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Star wars : the Complete Visual Dictionary Hardcover

In a universe far, far away, the definitive guide to Star Wars was created.

We’ve storm-trooped our way around Lucasfilm to get the inside and the dark side of all six Star Wars films including incredible behind-the-scenes stories. Meet and greet every character, droid, creature and alien from Obi-Wan, to Yoda, from the Arena Beasts to Jabba-The-Hutt (and his entourage). Explore every starship and get up close to a multitude of weapons in this amazing guide. Includes every planet from Coruscant to Mustafar, plus a close look at Clone troopers equipment and battle tanks.

Over 1,000 amazing shots plus never-seen-before material takes you right inside the movies, see the original R2D2, get up close to a Sarlacc from Return of the Jedi, (look into the stomach – it takes 1,000 years for the digestive tract to work – yuk!) and see things from classic Star Wars and Revenge of the Sith as you never have before.

Dorling Kindersley, hardback, page count 272, published September 2012



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