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Squadron Supreme By Mark Gruenwald Omnibus Hardcover Ross Cover

Mark Gruenwald
John Buscema

Hyperion! Power Princess! Dr. Spectrum! The Whizzer! Nighthawk! What happens when the greatest heroes of an alternate world institute the Utopia Project, vowing to abolish war and crime, to eliminate poverty and hunger, and to cure death itself! Can they possibly succeed? And when do heroes stop being heroes? Mark Gruenwald explores the ethics of heroism in his best-known story. Guest-starring Captain America and featuring the end of a world at the hands of the Scarlet Centurion!

Collecting Squadron Supreme (1985) issues #1 to 12, Captain America (1968) #314 and Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe, written by Mark Gruenwald, with pencils by Bob Hall, Paul Ryan, Paul Neary and John Buscema; features alternate edition covers by Bob Hall and Alex Ross.

Marvel, hardback, 456 pages, published November 2010


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