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Spooks – Behind the Scenes Hardback

The stylish, gripping spy thriller series Spooks, which has been a critical and popular success ever since it’s first screening back in 2002. Its enormous appeal is because the subject matter is so close to events on the evening news (such as the London bombings), the superb performances of the cast and because the outcome can never be taken for granted in this dark world of secrets – like Buffy even lead characters can die and all bets are off, pumping up the drama levels.

Now in this fascinating book we get right behind the scenes to understand how the shows are actually made, how plots are devised and perfected and the enormous amount of work that goes into making it seem as authentic as possible. It includes interviews with the cast and writers, exclusive behind-the-scenes stills and the inside track on how the series is made and the facts behind the fiction. This is the first tie-in book to this BAFTA-winning series and is a mist-have for all fans, coming out just in time for the new fifth series from the BBC.

Orion, hardback, 160 pages (illustrated), published September 2006

Author: Anonymous (well what did you expect for a spy series???)



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