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Spider-Man : Sinister Six Premiere Hardcover Cover B

Stan Lee
Steve Ditko

When still in high school, the Amazing Spider-Man faced one of his most chilling challenges when six of his most nerve-wracking nemeses formed a cabal of crime: the Sinister Six! Years later, Doctor Octopus reunites the team for his most remarkable racket yet, and time has made them deadlier than ever - even as it's made Spidey's life more complicated than ever!Can he teach the Six a lesson, or will they school him instead?


Plus: the fate of a longtime Spidey supporting character and of Mary Jane's greatest enemy! Guest-starring the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and more! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #334 to 339, written by Stan Lee and David Michelinie, pencilled by Steve Ditko and Erik Larsen, covers by Larsen and Ditko.

Marvel, hardback, 192 pages, published September 2009


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