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Spider-Man : Revenge of Sinister Six Premiere Hardcover Cover A

Terry Kavanagh
Erik Larsen

Dr. Octopus! Electro! Mysterio! The Vulture! The Hobgoblin! Sandman! The Sinister Six, the deadliest foes Spider-Man has ever fought, return to wreak terrible vengeance upon our favorite wall-crawler — and an unsuspecting world. With Dr. Octopus’ new Adamantium arms and help from another dimension on the Six’s side, Spidey decides to round up his own band of allies: the Hulk, Ghost Rider, the Fantastic Four and more!

It all adds up to the ultimate high-stakes faceoff in a sock-to-the-jaw adventure that will leave you breathless — if you and Spider-Man can make it to the thrill-packed finale in one piece! Plus: a bonus story co-starring the X-Men’s Beast! Collecting Spider-Man (1990) #15 and #18-23, written by Erik Larsen & Terry Kavanagh, pencilled by Erik Larsen & Scott McDaniel, with a cover by Erik Larsen.

Marvel, hardback, 176 pages, published September 2012


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