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Spider-Man : Matters of Life and Death Premiere Hardcover

Dan Slott
Humberto Ramos

The Scorpion was just the beginning! Alistair Smythe, the Spider-Slayer, has returned — and Mac Gargan isn’t the only subject he’s upgraded. The Spider-Slayer is about to unleash an entire insect army on Spider-Man’s world! And as part of his ultimate revenge, Smythe is out turn one of Spidey’s first-ever victories into one of his biggest losses. No one in Spidey’s life is safe!

And amid the fallout from these events, Peter will make a choice — a promise — even he might not be able to fulfill. Plus: Spider-Man visits the FF for a very private wake — just for family — and a new web-slinger is born! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #652-657 and #654.1, written by Dan Slott, pencilled by Stefano Caselli, Marcos Martin, Humberto Ramos & Paulo Siqueira, with a cover by Marcos Martin.

Marvel, hardback, 216 pages, published May 2011


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