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Spider-Man : The Extremist

Fred Van Lente
Clayton Henry

With an Age of Heroes unfolding around him, super-hero critic-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson finds himself the target of a vicious assassination plot courtesy of a pro-superhuman vigilante! Who is the Extremist? Why does he want to kill the mustachioed mayor? And why does he claim to be Spider-Man’s greatest ally?

Plus: Can Mary Jane save Spider-Man?! When Doc Tramma, Mr. Negative’s scientist supreme and femme fatale, targets the life of Mary Jane Watson, she kidnaps her ex-beau, Peter Parker! With the help of the Black Cat, does MJ have what it takes to rescue the Amazing Spider-Man?

Collecting material from Web Of Spider-Man #8-12, written by Paul Tobin & Fred Van Lente, pencilled by Clayton Henry, Javier Rodriguez, Patrick Olliffe, Nick Dragotta & Pepe Larraz, with a cover by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published May 2011


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