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Spider-Man : Ends of the Earth Hardcover


The Doc Ock story you’ve waited 50 years for! Dr. Otto Octavius holds the entire Earth hostage with his dying breath. The world may be ready to give in to his demands, but Spider-Man and his fellow Avengers sure aren’t! Spidey and the Avengers face off with the Sinister Six in a globe-hopping showdown, but the stakes are dangerously raised when Sandman takes control of the entire Sahara desert!

The Earth inches ever closer to destruction — so how does Doc Ock suddenly become its greatest hero? Why do the Avengers become his new Sinister Six? And what price will Spider-Man pay to buy the whole world one more day?! Guest-starring Black Widow, Silver Sable, Union Jack, Big Hero Six and Dr. Doom!

Collecting Amazing Spider-Man: Ends Of The Earth #1, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) issues #682 to 687 and also Avenging Spider-Man #8, written by Dan Slott, Brian Clevinger, Rob Williams and Ty Templeton, pencilled by Thony Silas, Stefano Caselli, Humberto Ramos and Matthew Clark, with cover artwork by Stefano Caselli.

Marvel, hardback, 192 pages, published July 2012


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