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Spider-Man : Died In Your Arms Tonight


It must have been something you said, Spidey! ’Cuz Doc Ock is on the loose, and we’ve lost count on all the arms he has at his disposal to destroy you — and as his most hated foe, he’s ready to use each and every one of those arms to make sure you aren’t there to walk your Aunt May down the aisle. (If J. Jonah Jameson — a.k.a. Mayor Jameson — doesn’t succeed in ruining the wedding first, that is!) Also featuring the intrigue of Ben Reilly, the true story of how Aunt May met Uncle Ben and the return of Mary Jane. You just hit the jackpot, Tiger!

Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #600-601, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36 and material from Amazing Spider-Man Family #7, written by Stan Lee, Mark Waid, Marc Guggenheim, Roger Stern, Zeb Wells, Bob Gale, Dan Slott, Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Kelly, pencilled by Marcos Martin, Colleen Doran, Mitch Breitweiser, Val Semeiks, Pat Oliffe, Derec Donovan, Mario Alberti, John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada and Max Fiumara, with cover art by John Romita Jr.

Marvel, paperback, 200 pages, published April 2010


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